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Nov 12,2010

Pinay Celebrities Ehra and Michelle Madrigal FHM Philippines Magazine November 2010 issue cover.

Sep 30,2010

Pinay Celebrities Jef Gaitan and Wendy Valdez FHM Philippines Magazine October 2010 issue cover.

Jul 2,2010

Pinay Celebrity Sam Pinto FHM Philippines Magazine July 2010 issue cover.

Jul 2,2010

100 FHM’s Sexiest Women in the World 2010. See Photos , See Pictures

  1. Angel Locsin “The Universal”
  2. Marisa Miller “Modern-day Messiah”
  3. Cristine Reyes “Renewal”
  4. Marian Rivera “Paradigm Shift”
  5. Iwa Motto “Afterglow”
  6. Angelica Panganiban “Peaking”
  7. Katrina Halili “Lady Justice”
  8. REgine Velasquez “Unmatched”
  9. Bangs Barcia “True Morena”
  10. Ehra Madrigal “Chill Party”
  11. Jackie Rice “Big Serving”
  12. Erich Gonzales “Rich in flavor”
  13. Jennylyn Mercado “Life Veteran”
  14. Kim Chiu “Porcelain Pretty”
  15. Maja Salvador “Riding it on”
  16. Diana Zubiri “Back to school”
  17. Rhian Ramos “Network darling”
  18. Anne Curtis “Authentic”
  19. KC Concepcion “Food for the hungry”
  20. Bianca King “Our Lady Peace”
  21. Mariel Rodriguez “Fatal attraction”
  22. Georgina Wilson “Half English”
  23. Shaina Magdayao “Full grown”
  24. Iya Villania “Hot Stuff”
  25. Heart Evangelista “ Flying high”
  26. Valerie Concepcion “A notch above the rest”
  27. Kristel Moreno “Bringing sexy back”
  28. Pauleen Luna “Overwhwlming favorite”
  29. Carla Abellana “Four-dimensional”
  30. Iza Calzado “Staying fit”
  31. Diana Menezes “Imported spice”
  32. Sam Pinto “Fully furnished”
  33. RR Enriquez “Gag delight”
  34. Bea Alonzo “Delicate”
  35. Michelle Madrigal “Independent woman”
  36. Paloma “Solid gold”
  37. Sarah Geronimo “Perfect pitch”
  38. EB Babes “Hotness multiplied”
  39. Ornusa Cadness “Hail the queen”
  40. Toni Gonzaga “A whole host”
  41. Aze Sazaki “The offspring”
  42. Alessandra De Rossi “All moxie”
  43. Bianca Gonzales “ PBBeauty”
  44. Jennica Garcia “Shy”
  45. Carlene Aguilar “ Unearthly”
  46. Rachel Ann Go “Love child”
  47. Jacq Yu “Seal the deal”
  48. Krista Ranillo “Magical maiden”
  49. Paw Diaz “Got talent”
  50. Andi Eigenmann “Ingenue”
  51. Maureen Larrazabal “Funny bone”
  52. Kris Bernal “Crossing over”
  53. Megan Fox “Transforming”
  54. Aubrey Miles “Popular Demand”
  55. Regine Angeles “Billboard babe”
  56. Max Eigenmann “Family girl”
  57. Grace Lee “ Her time”
  58. Jean Garcia “Eternal sunshine”
  59. Niña Jose “ Breaking the mold”
  60. Love Poe “Daddy’s girl”
  61. Eula Valdez “Mama mia!”
  62. Nikki Gil “Still taken”
  63. LJ Reyes “On the mommy trail”
  64. Jahziel Manabat “Pop phenomenon”
  65. Cherry Kubota “Sexy is cake”
  66. Francine Prieto “Anchors away”
  67. Maui Taylor “No. 1 frequency”
  68. Eurasia “United flavors of pretty”
  69. Abby Poblador”
  70. Janna Dominguez “Fearless”
  71. Maricar Reyes “Doctor on call”
  72. Rufa Mae Quinto “Humor in uniform”
  73. Sheree “Timeless”
  74. Kitty Girls “Meow!”
  75. Rich Asuncion “Beautiful heritage”
  76. Alodia Gosiengfiao “Anime vixen”
  77. Paulene So “Gone green”
  78. Rashel Piazza “ Mystery case”
  79. Maggie Wilson “Sugar and a lot of spice”
  80. Julia Clarete “Rock-n-rolla”
  81. Ryza Cenon “Striking star”
  82. Megan Young “Taliking doll”
  83. Karylle “Notoriuos”
  84. Jem Milton “The reader”
  85. Rachel Marcial “Knockout beauty”
  86. Jaymee Joaquin “ Shock Factor’
  87. Sexbomb Girls “Booty grinding”
  88. Empress Schuck “The prodigy”
  89. Arra Castro “Sweet surrender”
  90. Sofie Garrucho “Standard bearer”
  91. Bubbles Paraiso “Paradise found”
  92. Chariz Solomon “Dragon lady”
  93. Saicy Aguila “Dancing dynamo”
  94. Priscilla Meirelles “Samba, samba!”
  95. Kristine Hermosa “Classic”
  96. Jamilla Obispo “Majestic return”
  97. Mocha “Controversial”
  98. Carla Bianca “Safe curves ahead”
  99. Eda Nolan “All grown up”
    100.Anna Scott “Attention giver”
Jun 27,2010

Queen of all Media Kris Aquino admitted recently in The Buzz that her marriage with husband PBA star player James Yap is finally over.


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